Dealer Products

Southeast Dealer Services is committed to offering a suite of products that are carefully selected and vetted against industry leading standards.

We look for products that provide high customer value, efficient claims benefit processes, technology support on the administration of the programs and long term security in the companies that stand behind the risk. Only when these four come together do we add them to this elite list of offerings to our dealer clients.

We know that these plans typically have a tail of service to your valued customers that can stretch to 10 years or more. During that term, we expect each plan to add to the ownership experience of your customers and earn loyalty to your brand long term. Our Coaching Team continues to support the smooth integration of these protection products in your dealership throughout the ownership period to assure customer and dealership satisfaction.

Vehicle Service Contracts

Example product text

Lifetime Powertrain Warranty

Tire & Wheel Program

Appearance Protection

Theft Protection


Certified Used Cars

Windshield Repair

Key Replacement

Dent & Ding Repair

Lease Wear & Tear

Hiring Winners